Diwali Time !!!

Hello beautiful souls

Hope everyone is having a great time and mayavastra wishes everyone out there a safe, enjoyable
safe diwali.

Candies Bazaar and bling turned out to be a great event with lovely people turning up, some good live music, shopping, lotsa colorful creative stalls, good healthy food and meets up with old friends and lovely customers.

Here are some pictures from the event, posted below.

Also now mayavastra is availabe on etsy, here is the link below, so people come check, shop, like.


Also mayavastra is now available on a cool website called engrave, maker's website where you can shop and view products from other creative artists


mayavstra will be coming out soo with more colorful festivals in the coming month, will keep you posted.

so enjoy and stay happy :)

love and peace...


Candies bazaar and bling 7th Nov 2015

Hello friends

Hope all doing good...

MAYAVASTRA is really excited to make a comeback at the candies flea market, the
Bazaar & bling on 7th move 2015 from 11 am to 8 pm.

MAYAVASTRA will be exhibiting clothes, scarves, bags, tribal jewellery and more.

So be a part good food good music, shopping and loads of fun...


mens kurta

After very long time i have made something in mens section...

A mul cotton kurta for very comfortable, relaxed, look...

Its ideal for traditional, casual, events.

So here guys check it out, have fun...

And stay tuned for more comings...


Jute Crochet asymmetric top and Ikat Draped Skirt

Hello people

Today i am  posting my favourites...

An asymmetric jute crochet top, for more raw, earthy close to nature feel
paired with an ikat draped layered flare long skirt.

This is more of a gysy bohe style.

Hope you will enjoy it, here comes the images...


Linen Draped Dress and Crochet draped vest

Hello lovely souls...

the new collection is a khadi crochet mix, draped effect styled dresses and more...

so todays dress is a linen crochet side seam draped bohe flavoured minimal dress, comfortable
relaxed and ideal for evening wear and summer wear...

Its been paired up with crochet back split vest for more elegant feel...

so here it is


Brocade Jute Khadi vest

Hello all

Hope everyone is doing great.

Here today ill be posting 2 style variations of funky ethnic flavoured waistcoat.

So here is the first style, its a crochet khaki brocade jute vest with a split at back. Ideal for ethnic or occasional wear or as per mood...
Check out the images

Now ill move on to the other style.
Its made out of jute brocade with an elongated back neck again ideal for ethnic or occasional wear..

Check it out here comes the picture

Hope you liked both the styles, for more on new styles stay tuned till then ciao...


Khadi Draped Flowy Dress

Hello lovely p;eople

Hope everyone having good time...

As i promised mayavastra is back with the new khadi jute hemp mix collection.

Here is the first post, its a khadi side draped flowy dress...
Either pair with a jacket or vest or a stole .

Here crochet stole has been used and a brocade vest which i will be posting soon

So check out and enjoy the dress and stay tuned for more...

love and peace